I am Jordan Olthuis, I started mountain biking when I was 14 years old.  I live in the Fraser Valley of B.C. and it is really an amazing place for mountain biking!  So much riding spots all around me, there are still many places I have yet to explore.

I fell in love with mountain biking since then and it has brought me many places, I got my first camera in 2006, when I was in grade 12 and started filming me and my friends for fun.  

I made my first Youtube channel in 2006 called 'Bikerman13' and I would post my mountain bike videos on Youtube and Pinkbike.

I did the Mountain Bike Operations Course at Capilano University in 2008-2009.

Thats where I got the nickname 'Boostmaster', my roommates called me that because I would hit the longest jumps.

My very first VOD on Pinkbike was "I'm on a Bike", getting VOD got me hooked on Pinkbike, I would go on there every single day to watch every VOD that there was! That only lasted a few years as I got tired of that.


Getting my first VOD on Pinkbike also fueled my drive to create interesting and awesome mountain bike videos.


The video that got everyone's attention would have been "Whistler Slopestyle 2010" It also had a lot of debate in the comments about the music choice :)  Pinkbike put it up on their homepage the next day and made it VOD a few days later.


In 2012 is when I got my first GoPro Hero 2 and that changed the kind of content that I would make, I would then slowly drift to doing more and more POV videos.

In 2012 I created my current Youtube Channel 'JordanBoostmaster'  I knew that I could do something with this mountain bike content, but I needed a fresh start on Youtube and I knew Youtube was the place where I was going to get any real views and attention for my content.


Freeride Never Dies

Jordan Boostmaster in Green River, Utah