I am Jordan Olthuis, I started mountain biking when I was 14 years old.  My first bike was a Norco Wolverine that was way too big for me.  I live in the Fraser Valley of B.C. and it is really an amazing place for mountain biking!  So much riding spots all around me, there are still many places I have yet to check out!

I fell in love with mountain biking since then and it has brought me many places, I got my first camera in grade 12 and started filming me and my friends for fun.  I made my first Youtube Channel in 2006 called 'Bikerman13' and I would post my videos on youtube and Pinkbike.  My very first VOD on Pinkbike was "I'm on a Bike"


After my first VOD I was hooked on Pinkbike and it fueled my drive to create interesting and awesome videos.


The video that got everyone's attention would have been "Whistler Slopestyle 2010" It also had a lot of debate in the comments about the music choice :)  Pinkbike put it up on their homepage the next day and made it VOD a few days later.


In 2012 is when I got my first GoPro Hero 2 and that changed the way I would make videos from then on.  I slowly changed my content to making more and more POV videos and not as much effort on filming my friends, but I always really enjoyed making those videos the most, so I try to do them as much as I can though.

In 2012 I created my current Youtube Channel 'JordanBoostmaster'  I knew that I could do something with this mountain bike content, but I needed a fresh start on Youtube and I knew Youtube was the place where I was going to get any real views and attention for my content.