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I want to inspire you to get outside and have fun on your bikes!


Join me in creating Mountain Bike videos!

My mission is to create inspiring mountain bike videos that get you stoked and want to ride!  I want to take you along with me as I ride and film the best trails!

I have always enjoyed expressing my own ideas and staying independent.
YOU make this dream a reality!

I love riding the greatest DH and Freeride trails around, so far that has consisted in a lot Lower Mainland of B.C., the North Shore, Whistler. I wouldn’t get anywhere without all of you enjoying my videos!

I'm trying to dedicate more of my time to Youtube and creating great MTB content, with Patreon you can become my official sponsor.  And in return, you will have access to more video content and other perks!
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Where does the money go?

Your contributions will help me invest more time into my video productions, every video takes time to make, I would much rather spend my time creating better and more videos, than worrying about simply making money.  Your support will also go towards upgrading film equipment and bike gear as well as repairs, and helping me produce higher quality content!

If Youtube was my full time job, there would be more videos, more trips, more collaborations, better quality content!

If you just want to continue to watch my videos for free like always, then I understand and that is totally fine with me because I need viewers like you!  Remember that clicking ‘like’, commenting, and sharing my videos has great value as well!

My Goals:

I want to travel to more places with amazing trails, I want to ride with more awesome people and collaborate and make top notch content!
I just want to create more quality videos for all of you!

Supporters on Patreon will get a guaranteed response to all your questions and requests!  Since you support me in such a valuable way, I consider it a pleasure to communicate with all of you!
I have an invested interest in communicating and responding to all questions and requests from my patrons!

Jordan Boostmaster in Green River, Utah