Riding Gear

Below are links to the websites where you can purchase these same items.  Most of them are affiliate links so I will get a small commission each time you purchase something through my link :)

Fox Rampage Pro Carbon Helmet

A nice Helmet that will protect you in a bad crash!

Race Face Shin Pads

Race Face Rally Fr Leg Shin Pads

Easily my favorite shin pads I have ever ridden!  I was always frustrated with the quality of shin pads until I got a free pair of XL Race Face Rally FR legs!  They were a bit too big but they were amazing.  I have since purchased 2 pairs of size L pads so when my current ones die, I'v egot another fresh pair!  (You can even feel like a Stormtrooper zooming through the forests of Endor!)

Unfortunately they stopped making these in 2011, so I'm not sure if you can buy these anymore :(


Five Ten Impact Sam Hill 3

These are my favorite shoes for mountain biking!  They have the best grip, beefy shoes for great protection.

Dakine 8 track Shorts